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Recent and Forthcoming Elections 

JOctober 2019
6 October: Parliamentary election in Portgual.

6 October: Parliamentary election in Tunisia.
13 October: Parliamentary elections in Poland.
15 October: General election in Mozambique.
20 October: Parliamentary election in Switzerland.
21 October: Parliamentary election in Canada.
27 October: Presidential and parliamentary elections in Argentina.
27 October: Parliamentary and presidential elections in Bolivia.
Parliamentary election due in Oman.

November 2019
3 November: Presidential election scheduled in Romania.
10 November: Presidential election scheduled in Tunisia.
Parliamentary elections due in Gibraltar, Marshall Islands, Namibia.

December 2019
12 December: Snap general election in United Kingdom.
Parliamentary elections due in Comoros, Kiribati and Vanuatu. Presidential election due in Sri Lanka. Presidential and parliamentary elections due in Taiwan.


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