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Recent and Forthcoming Elections 


 October 2021
2 October: Elections for Shura Council in Qatar.
5 October: Indirect Senate elections in Morocco.
8-9 October: Legislative elections in the Czech Republic.
9 October: Indirect presidential election scheduled in Estonia.
10 October: Parliamentary elections scheduled in Iraq. 
17 October: Presidential elections scheduled in Cabo Verde.
24 October: Presidential elections in Uzbekistan.
31 October: Parliamentary elections in Japan.

November 2021
4 November: General election in Falkland Islands.
7 November: Presidential and parliamentary elections in Nicaragua.
11 November: Presidential (indirect) election scheduled in Fiji.
12 November: Early parliamentary elections (first round) in Nepal.
14 November: Partial legislative elections in Argentina.
14 November: Parliamentary elections in Bulgaria.
18 November: General elections in Tonga.
19 November: Second round of parliamentary elections in Nepal.
21 November:  Legislative and first round of presidential elections in Chile.
21 November: Second round (if required) of elections in Haiti.
28 November: Presidential and parliamentary elections scheduled in Honduras.

December 2021
4 December: Presidential elections scheduled in Gambia.
17 December: Second round of presidential elections scheduled in Chile.
24 December: Presidential and legislative elections scheduled in Libya.
Annual indirect presidential election due in Switzerland.



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